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The Seven Universal Laws
Laws For Humanity
Over the last two thousand years since the expulsion of the Jewish people from the land of Israel adherents to the Noahide laws have been sparse if non-existent.
With the regathering of the Jewish people to their land it has been possible for people to once again observe the Noachide Laws. Today a modern movement of adherents of the Noahide laws exists; calling themselves B'nei Noah or Noahides in honor of Noah their ancestor who received these laws from G-d.
Along with the promise of new life, G-d reestablished the six laws originally given to Adam in the garden (prohibition against idolatry, blasphemy, theft, murder, illicit sex and the command to establish courts of justice) and added a new law, the prohibition of eating the limb of a living animal.
The B'nei Noah Movement has already made serious strides in developing their emerging community. Former President Ronald Regan also officially recognized the roots of American government in the Noahide Laws.
--Excerpts from wikipedia.org--
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